Digital Slides With E Learning

Digital slide has established a new standard of e-learning module in medical education. This has changed the era of laboratory teaching where conventional glass slides are viewed under the microscope. In that, students as well as teachers have encountered problem as breaking of glass slide, staining, air bubble, fungal growth and most important it takes huge time in preparing other glass slide. Due to shortage of microscopes, two or three students share one microscope. But with the digital one, it offers the most convenient and time saving e-education module. And you can easily access at your home on your laptop or computer. It enables you to understand the histology and pathology in depth and with ease.
Through Virtual Microscopy, digital slides are processed; all the images that we see in conventional slides are scanned and transformed into a digital slide with high resolution. Virtual microscopy not only scans the images but also execute other functions as well. Like illumination control, changing the objective of the slide, changes the focus in order to click thousands of images from every field of the slide. This process is executed to make the digital slide more effective for the students. This has innovatively induced a change in the e-learning method and provided the medical students most advanced and easiest way of grasping their future.
Medical and dental students can understand the concept with the medium of digital slide as it endure outright flexibility to rotate, zoom it in any direction, and if you are unable to get the concept, then you can read the brief description that is available in each slide. And you can view it without any time boundation. As compared to conventional glass slide, it is less expensive as it reduces the cost of replicating, creating and storing of a slide. It is delivered with high quality and is unbreakable, cannot get faded with the time and comes with long lasting feature. It is also very convenient for the students as it enables them to access online anytime, anywhere. Single slide will be adequate for teaching millions of students across world. The vast use of technology has improved the quality of medical education and brings it with excellence. All these features make digital slide more worth and friendly with the students.
Digiscan has innovatively introduced annotated digital slide sets of Histology, Pathology, oral Pathology and oral Histology, tele-pathology/digital pathology to the MBBS and BDS Under graduate and post graduate students at a paid subscription over internet. Digiscan offers the best services to the Medical and dental students by scanning the slides and hosting the images over internet. We have advanced virtual microscopes which have the capability to produce 150-200 images with high quality in a day.
Digital slide sets for MBBS and BDS students are best for their teaching. This has incorporated excellent teaching with the high resolution of slide sets at a time. Teacher can highlight and briefly explain the features by labeling the slides while teaching. These sets have been prepared with the sole objective to cater the medical students with the best online learning and hence all these slides are processed under the guidance of senior pathologists and have a team of highly experienced professionals.