Digital Signage

MONITORS – Modern presentation equipment for your concepts. From airports, in hotels, in waiting rooms or in shopping malls – and more often show us the way and solve visual guidance systems thus increasing the classic signs off. Electronic information display systems and entertained us in the tram, on the platform or on escalators and are often accompanied by commercials or short messages. When it comes to the use of digital media content to Information and promotional purposes, it is called digital signage. The product range of IntelliSpot Grupe range of digital signage solutions include with broader capabilities:

– Electronic price and information signs
Door and nameplates Signpost / Welcomeboards
– Advertising displays
– Digital Poster
– Picture Player
– Stand-alone Media Player / Network Media Player and video stations
– Video walls
– Multi-Display Solutions and Showcases
– Remote monitoring solutions (remote monitoring)
– 3D monitors / displays information

Especially for meetings and events there are often short-term changes in the flow – with Digital Signage, you can then respond flexibly. In contrast to conventional paper form need not be re-printed or pasted over. The content can be as often as desired update or addressed to different target groups and customers.

Further cost advantages:

– No investment in expensive server software when it is not needed
– Tailor-made solutions for every application
– No monthly maintenance costs
– Low investment and operating costs

For good reason, the interest in digital signage solutions in commerce and industry is steadily increasing: On the one hand, the displays in the acquisition have become much cheaper and more economical, on the other hand, the image quality is now more mature than they were a few years ago. In addition, the technology of customers or consumers, passers-by and visitors is assumed more and more and it can be more complex forms of presentation realized (eg, multi-image).

Ideal for displaying content without beamer. The video walls can be offered on request in various sizes. With accessories like stands, wall brackets and ceiling mounts, you can mount or install video walls everywhere. With the innovative portable monitor wall you remain flexible at every event. The drop down boxes allow rapid assembly and dismantling a monitor wall without tools and is ideal as a mobile solution. The video screens are used in various areas of digital signage to monitoring.

A video wall can be used in a bright room where a projector is not bringing in enough power. The extra narrow bezel of the monitors we the entire image as a large display. The position and content of the presentation on a video wall can be created individually with the IntelliSpot control. The monitor wall can be created according to your wishes in different sizes such as 2×2, 3×2, 3×3, or 4×3. Set the content or videos with special software for video walls in any position and size Represent can be the source and the arrangement at any time individually adjusted and represent your targeted advertising.